MUN Mobile

Schedule, map, committees, documents and so much more...

Everything your delegates need, whenever they need it!

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Why MUN Mobile?


Michael Almond

Secretary-General, VolMUN V

"The 'MUN Mobile' app is nothing short of spectacular! As someone who has little experience with coding, uploading my conference information into the app was very easy."

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Built for MUN

From maps to schedules, you can have all the information you need to replace your welcome packs.

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Easy Management

You can manage your app completely by yourself with our easy-to-use interface!

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Instant Deployment

As soon as you've finished adding your content, you can instantly deploy your app.

MUN Mobile

£0.25 GBP per delegate
with MUN Manager
or £0.50 per delegate without
  • Customisable Colors
  • Social Media Buttons
  • Conference Schedule
  • Committee Information
  • Interactive Maps
  • Documents
  • Weather
  • Photo Gallery
  • Push Notifications
  • Easy-to-use Management Interface
  • Live Updates